I grew up and was educated and graduated in Denmark. First in the office sector and later into sales and marketing. For several years ago I became very interested in the Medical field, which is my profession now. I have established a Clinic in Montenegro and Serbia where I successfully have treated many clients with ESWT (Extra Corporal Shock Wave Treatment). 
I’m educated and examined in Anatomy, Physiology and Shock Wave Physics and been certified as a Medical Shock Wave and Physiological Massage Specialist, Sports injury and Authentic Kinesio Therapeutic Taping.


I’m a member of and certified by: 

EACCME, European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education http://www.eaccme.eu
AMA, American Medical Association 

ISMST, International Society for medical shockwave treatment. http://www.ismst.com
Storz Medical AG, http://www.storzmedical.com/en/ 

Where I have participated and been certified in the Shock Wave Conference in Berlin, Dubai and Sri Lanka. I will in the future continue participating in more of those conferences in the medical field.

In several years I have together with my previous business partner been a part of setting up Shock Wave and Medical Clinics in countries such as Macau, Indonesia, Thailand and Azerbaijan http://nhc.az 

After my partner retired in 2014 I decided to continue my own in Montenegro and Serbia. 

In the company of DC. Pedersen we presented one of many scientific lectures in different countries. I have been on a lecturing tour in Shock Wave Science and Therapy lecture in Kagoshima, Japan in 2010 as well in many other contries around the world

Successfully I have achieved the high standard required for the use of AdiStem Technology http://www.adistem.com as a Laboratory Technician in Stem Cell and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), Awarded in January 2013, Melbourne Australia.

I have four loving adult children in Denmark. http://denmark.dk I have experienced most of our amazing planet by traveling and I often participate at Medical Trade Shows http://www.medica-tradefair.com - Conferences and seminars around the world so I'm always up to date within the Medical field.

I love and adore all kinds of animals and children and I've made and still do a lot of charity in those countries where I have been to help those who where in need, as well as I saved many Street dogs and gave charity to the Buddhist and their dogs and elephants in Thailand, those which I helped and hopefully got a better life in the future. Many of these treatments I did together with a team of Doctors from Europe, Thailand and Australia. I support among http://www.worldanimalprotection.org for a better life for our animals.

I love and enjoy helping and performing miracles, which my surroundings enjoy of. I also love to heal and help the humanity and the animals I'm surrounded by. Many friends, my family and people I meet on my path has the nice opinion of me, that I'm a very helpful, loving, friendly person and have a warm hearted personality.

Hopefully everybody appreciates my skills and thank you everybody for your comments and nice opinion about me. It warms my heart.

Elisabeth Stark Wetke Hallgren

Shockwave Specialist

Welcome to Nordic Health Center

Nordic Health Center has its first Shockwave Center in Bournemouth, United Kingdom. 

The therapist is hand picked and trained in 2010 by a danish specialist and Storz Medical in the skills of Exstra Corporeal Shock Wave and has passed many of the required courses and examination in Anatomy, Physiology and Shock Wave Physics to be certified as a Medical Shock Wave Specialist.

Why a name such as Nordic Health Center?

NHC were founded by Elisabeth Stark Wetke Hallgren, a Danish national, who throughout her career and in the companionship with DC. Pedersen successfully established and operated several clinics in Asia, Thailand, Macau, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Montenegro and Serbia.

Elisabeth has always been fascinated by helping people and animals, and comes from the country of the Nordic Vikings who were rugged and strong people, able to endure hardship and still survive against all odds. They dared venturing into the open oceans in small boats and settled in many countries, where they established their rugged and healthy way of life. They had to be healthy in order to live through such a wild life, and they lived off the land in a natural way.

Elisabeth wanted to bring this spirit of survival against all odds into shockwave Centers and as her clients guests often have severe uphill battle in front of them due to earlier failures in their medical treatments, she also has been sharing her knowledge and clinical experience with Therapists and doctors from many countries through educational seminars.

Elisabeth is respected for her unique approach to health and being able to produce repeated results due to her ability to treat many cases that were given up by conventional medical treatments.

In those many countries where she has been she grow with many new age concepts in the maintenance of human health and many new treatment protocols came to light there.

Client guests comes from around the World through word of mouth to be treated, seeking new options for their previously failed health treatments and Elisabeth often comes to represent the very last hope for many people.

Due to the results in the Center, clients guests spread the word to friends and family, and thus a massive network of satisfied clients guests are created.

In 2012 Elisabeth has studied PRP (Platelett Rich Plasma) and stem cell in Australia and she found out that dormant stem cells most likely would awaken to become specific types of tissue cells if exposed to Proper Shock-Wave treatment using specific power and frequencies. This concept was not welcomed before in the scientific community, but today the frequency concept has been "re-discovered" and is now the preferred modality to activate PRP and stem cells. Scientific proof is now also behind this concept, and equipment have been manufactured that makes such activation possible. Together with Doctors who perform these PRP and stem cells "new" treatment option was discovered that sick cells are prompted to healing though Shockwave treatments. The effectiveness of PRP and stem cell therapy when done correctly with activated cells has proven exceedingly valuable in the treatment of many seemingly unresolvable health problems.

To this plethora of new discoveries and new thinking, the use of platelet rich plasma (PRP) in the treatment of joint disease has proven to be a blessing for arthritic suffers and sports injuries.

Elisabeth did these treatments together with DC. Pedersen a Danish Chiropractor, who was the first practitioner to use frequency activated PRP injections into the spine of a paralyzed dog in order to activate the inactive nerves to its lower body and legs. This made headlines by the result:


- the paralysis vanished and the dog became normal again after only three treatments. The dog now walks, jumps and runs like any normal dog.This result proved clinically that it was possible to re-activate dead nerves and making them fully functional again despite all previous knowledge to the contrary on this subject.

In 2010 Elisabeth became interested in Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) and has treated many clients successfully using this application. She made studies of the effects of shockwaves in cases of, joint and muscle aliments as well as of severe skin problems like non-healing wounds and facial acne. These treatments are offered in the Nordic Health Center. PRP and stem cell inductions will be added elements later on and that makes the results even more astonishing.

Nordic Health Center is committed to live by Elisabeth’s requirement of perfection in all treatments and services.

"Clients guests must have the best experience from they arrive till they leave, and we must do more than our best to help everyone who has been admitted for treatment"

- in her mantra.

We Welcome you to our Center.

Elisabeth  Stark Wetke Hallgren                            

Acoustic and Radial Shockwave Therapy ​and Physiological Massage

Nordic Health Center